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"Our commitment to reconciliation demands 
that we promote justice and peace." 

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Workers Solidarity 
The National Advocacy Center marched in solidarity with federal contract workers striking for better pay and a union. Under the leadership of Good Jobs Nation, people rallied for President Obama to direct future service contracts to model employers by executive order. The workers also want $15 an hour and a union.

The National Advocacy Center is featured in a story in the May issue of Items of Interest, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd monthly newsletter.  
The story is referenced on the front page of the newsletter and may be found at the following link:

Mission Statement
The National Advocacy Center offers education through processes and strategies that address social justice issues and advocates for the transformation of society to the benefit of all people.
The center reflects the spirituality, history and mission of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, working in solidarity with the disenfranchised - particularly families, women, and children.
The National Advocacy Center:

   Amplifies the Good Shepherd corporate voice by linking our direct services to work for change in the structures of society.

♥   Builds awareness and stimulates social action related to legislative priorities and relevant social justice issues.

  Prepares educational materials for Good Shepherd groups in the United States, including weekly listserv updates, monthly legislative faxes and quarterly newsletters.

  Lobbies and fosters relationships with members of Congress and their staffs from districts where Good Shepherd Sisters and agencies are present.

  Prepares and disseminates appropriate public statements and participates in relevant public events.

   Collaborates with the Good Shepherd NGO representative at the United Nations in New York to support international advocacy efforts.

♥   Joins with other human needs advocacy organizations in coalitions to strengthen the voice for social justice.

Be sure to check out the Legislative Action section for the latest action alerts and Tools for Advocates for upcoming events!!

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